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    • Thankfully he received the cup of coffee. A warm cozy feeling spread in the small place. Jay didn't need presents. His present was the company he was in. Weedy wanted more. He was excited about getting a present.   "I'm very happy to be here in such excellent company. Merry Christmas."   Jay took one of the small baked goodies. With a large smile he chewed. "Did Santa come last night?" Hopefully Addy had taken care of that.
    • Addy's nose wrinkled up -- she hated change, but she knew he was right -- then she nodded.  "Yer right.  I got change given ta me, an' I'm grateful ta be able ta help th' boy, an' ta do that, we'd need a proper home."   Didn't need to be big, just two bedrooms, besides the kitchen and common room.  "He'd be thrilled, I think, ta have his own place.  Might be th' first time he's had somethin' like that, I don't allow as he ever had a proper house with his Ma."  Yeah, she could get more comfortable with the idea looking at it from that angle, and honestly, it might be nice to have more than one room, and room to move around.  "I'd appreciate yer help on that.  Thank ya, Speed, this ain't been easy."   @Flip
    • "There you have it!" Emeline declared with a laugh, "Bridget will help with the cooking, and Barnabas can try our efforts to make certain that they are as good as they should be."  Then she added with a playful grin, "And Mr. Pike can do the dishes as well, he's quite the expert at that!"   She laughed again and gave Barnabas a quick kiss on the cheek.  "Or you can just make certain that we behave ourselves and don't burn down the kitchen!"   Then she patted Bridget on the arm.  "Don't worry one bit, we will have fun, we won't do any harm, and we can make whatever you like...well, so long as I know the recipe!"   @Javia; @Flip
    • Leah & Jonah   “It is a great opportunity to tell the ladies what the plans are, how it will affect the town, and that it was not conceived, nor was it arranged by anyone on the Town Council, which is what I believe their plan to be.” She paused s if to catch her breath. “I’m sorry, I am just ready to fight them for what they owe the town, and that has nothing to do with who arranged what or when.”   "All the more reason to get to the ladies early," Jonah commented, "so they know where the ideas are coming from, and are in the groundwork, so they feel like they have a stake in things."    But this was a party, a time to have a good time and set that sort of thing aside.  "Tell me, just how modern is Helena?  In comparison to, say, St. Louis?  I wouldn't mind getting away for a day or two, maybe see a play or an opera."   As much as Kallispell suited his needs, he was craving a little civilization!   @Flip
    • Brendan, Arabella (and Charlie and Clara)   "Yes, I am, very much so!"   Clara and the other man were off away from them again. Brendan grinned at Clara's flustered reply to him and at Arabella's mock indignation.   “Whoa Cowboy! You’re meant to be smiling at me not … in again, in, in, in, out, out, out … not a-grinnin at the opposition!! Two more o’ these, then the jig!”   "Sorry," he said as they moved through the motions of the dance, "but she ain't the opposition, really. Here..." He smiled down at her. "There...happy now? Ooop..."    They moved into the jig and he almost started going the wrong way, but stopped in time because he was watching Arabella's eyes. He could tell a lot about an animal from its eyes, but when it came to people's eyes he couldn't tell much except which direction the person was looking in. During a dance, that was quite helpful.   The dance was not as scary as Arabella had made it out to be, and now that he had gotten the hang of it, he didn't really want it to be over - even though he would be out of breath and ready for a rest by the time the musicians stopped. He needed to make a visit to the beer tent soon.   He glanced over at Clara and her partner again and met the eyes of the man she was dancing with - just for a second before both couples turned and he was looking back at Arabella. Why was the man watching him? It wasn't as if he had insulted Clara or anything.   @Javia @Wayfarer @JulieS    
Matt Wentworth

Some Things are Never Easy

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Mature Content: No

With: Matt Wentworth and others
When: Mid April 1875
Time of Day: Morning and Afternoon




Matt was looking over the last of the preparations for the event that was being held in the hotel's ballroom later that day.  The Kalispell Ladies' Society were having a special afternoon tea and had invited a few speakers to come along.  One of the invited was Leah Steelgrave, who Matt presumed was going to present her project for approval in the hopes of getting the ladies to influence their husbands and others about the benefits of having a hospital and orphanage.  The spring dance at Horace Simkin's barn was next week and the town meeting to vote on whether or not to accept Miss Steelgrave's offer would be held the week after.


In a way, he felt sorry for Leah.  The Steelgrave name was proving to be more than just a hinderance.  She was having a tough time proving that she was doing this on her own and that her father had nothing to do with it.  The afternoon tea would be one of the few opportunities the lady would get to present her side.


As for the afternoon tea, it was coming along nicely.  Ruth Johnson was busy organising the last of the seating and going over the guest list.  When he told her about inviting a Miss Arabella Mudd to the party, Ruth had been a bit perplexed as she wasn't familiar with her.  He told her that she was one of the survivors of Whitefish and Ruth seemed to be all right with that, mentioning something about being kind to the poor unfortunate souls who had survived the tragedy.  Matt smiled at what she might have said if he had told her that Miss Mudd was now under the protection of the owners of the Stardust Saloon.  He didn't have objections to it and Ruth probably wouldn't either but there would be one or two members of the Ladies Society that might.


Pulling out his watch, he noted the time.  In about two hours, the room would be filled with women eating and chatting away.  His plan was to spend the time in his office and be on hand just in case he was needed.  However, he made a mental note that if Mrs. Thornton-Carlton turned up, he would make the time to say hello.



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They had managed to put the finishing touches to her fancy-dress outfit at the very last minute, and Arabella could hardly contain her excitement as she looked in the mirror. The dress itself was one of Ms. Devereau’s hideously out of fashion 1874 models and was luckily the very shade of Union Blue that they needed, and they’d really only had to add a bit of military ribbon, and take it in to fit the 15 year old’s more ‘rangy’ figure (which, according to the tape measure, was getting a little less ‘rangy’ every day). Then there was the canteen itself, which Mr Flandry produced from somewhere or other.


The kepi was the hardest to obtain, and almost impossible to manufacture themselves, but a high-spirited conversation with an extremely drunken soldier from the fort, who had come into town to visit the telegraph office with a highly important and confidential military dispatch, resulted in a fair trade with Arabella’s sun-bonnet, complete with pink silk flowers, which the trooper wore back to camp and found on his aching head when he woke up in the Fort Jail the next morning.


The skirts of the costume were high, a Vivandière could hardly swan around the battlefield doing heroic, or rather heroine-like, deeds with her skirts trailing in blood and spilled intestines, after all. Mr Flandry had pointed out that some of these women had worn large baggy pantaloons under their skirts, but Arabella had thoughtfully wanted to spare her helpers the trouble of manufacturing these, and nobly opted to flirtatiously flash her ankles instead, all for the sake of historical veracity, of course.


She took one last look at herself in Ms. Devereau’s wonderful full length mirror and skipped downstairs and out to the ‘Event’.

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Nellie Miggins had Matt Wentworth trapped in a corner, so there was no escape from the vitriolic complaints of the batty old woman who, to be honest, had never looked quite so batty as she did today. Apart from the white sheet (well, it had once been white) that was wrapped around her like a toga, she was sporting a bizarre spikey cardboard crown on her head, which made her look like a surprised person in a newspaper cartoon. Finally, she was carrying what looked like an enormous cardboard ice-cream. This was meant to be a symbolic torch.


She was somehow balancing all this with a large basket, and still managed to find a spare hand to cup to her ear to hear what the man was asking. Why couldn’t folks these days speak up nice and loud?


“What?! I’m meant to be Liberty of course!  Whatd’ya THINK I’m supposed to be?! Now listen here young man, I was definitely told that this was a fancy dress do, and that there’s a prize fer the best outfit. And that’s me!”


She cocked her head.


“WHAT?! Oh – I’ll tell ya who told me that, it was that girl there. The one dressed like some slut of an Army camp follower!” said Mrs Miggins pointing to Arabella on the other side of the Hotel Ball Room, which had been rearranged to house the meeting of the Ladies Society.


Apart from Granny Miggins and Arabella, the only other person in fancy dress was a lumbering figure who was clad from head to foot in a bear costume or, to be precise, an actual bear skin, complete with head. It was hard to know what was inside the bear skin: Man? Woman? Bear?


Arabella herself was nonplussed. Not only were all the ladies then in boring everyday dresses, but they were all just that – ladies. There were no men or boys here. Perhaps the name Ladies Society should have given it away. Also, the rows of chairs for the audience made it clear that there would be no dancing.


There wasn’t a band anyway, just some fancy looking dude in the corner playing out a dirge on a ginormous fiddle. He didn’t even have it under his chin like a proper fiddle player, but was holding it between his legs, which, Arabella thought, was a disgraceful thing to do, especially with ladies present.


Oh well, at least she was having a nice chat with a lady that she’d never met before.



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Matt patiently listened to Mrs. Miggins explanation on why she was dressed as she put it Liberty.  He wondered how got to be in here in the first place.  One minute he was making sure that the Ladies Society committee had everything under control and the next minute he had been bailed up by the older woman who was pointing to Miss Mudd and telling him that she was the one who had said it was fancy dress.


A frown appeared on his face.  It seemed Miss Mudd had taken some liberties herself.  For a moment, he thought a going over and give her a lesson about how not make assumptions without checking first but he decided not to.  It was best that her employer deal with the situation.


"If there were a prize you certainly would be the winner, Mrs. Miggins.  As for Miss Mudd, I think you better take up the matter with Matilda Devereau.  She has taken on the responsibility of caring for the young girl.  I have no doubt Miss Devereau will make sure that she doesn't do something like this again."


Quickly scanning the room, he could see Ruth Johnson frantically waving at him.  Suppressing a sigh of relief, he smiled graciously at Mrs. Miggins, "Now, if you will excuse, Mrs. Johnson needs my assistance.  I hope you will have an enjoyable afternoon."



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