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Sagas of the Wild West
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Some Things are Never Easy

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"Not only do I think that Jonah, I believe it or I wouldn't waste my time fighting people that take it out on  me because they hate my father. I mean, look, hasn't he lost enough? His sons, my mother, his wife? Personally the man can rot in hell for all I care. The boys'll get his property when hes' gone. I think they'll sell it and split the money rather than work it. But this town? Yes it will grow and prosper, beyond any of our imaginings. So I struggle on, at least for now." She ranted. "I'm sorry Jonah, it's just a lot we're doing and I am worried the Town Council will stop us."


(when you can)

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Jonah chuckled and shook his head, reaching over to put a hand over hers.  "I'm sure you have nothing to fear," he tried to reassure her, "I can't imagine anyone stopping you from doing anything you put your mind to."  He withdrew his hand, chuckling.  "I suspect you'd be disappointed if there wasn't some challenge to face, and you aren't alone in this."


There was plenty of support from good people in town, so, one way or another they'd make this happen, it just might not be in the way that Leah had imagined. 


"And when it's over, the victory will be all the sweeter for the obstacles you've had to overcome."  Hell, she could do anything she put her mind to, likely a gift from her father, even if she might not want to admit it.



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Leah dropped her head modestly at Jonahs compliments. They were not easy to take, although she should have already proven to herself that what he was saying was right. She was driven. A trait passed on from the father she once knew and revered for his drive, until he turned on her.


"Kind words, Jonah. But we haven't done anything just yet." She cautioned. "There are still one or two obstacles  remaining  before we can even break ground, as they say. One thing I do know, and that is what we are about is good, and will be of benefit not just for Kalispell, but the whole county. All we need to do is get past the Town Council."


And there in lay the problem. Getting past the men who ran Kalispell could well be the road block to beginning the hospital project, let alone the orphanage.


"We will accomplish this Jonah, we will." She stated emphatically.

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