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    • Mr. Smith knew a stacked deck against him when it was presented to him. He wasn't surprised really, the men were sticking up for the pretty gal instead of justice. It was the way of things. But he would try and get at least something out of his misery.   "Oh alright, I won't press charges but only if she pays whatever the doc here is gonna charge me for this here treatment," he answered.   "Of course, Miss Mundee here, well, she’ll have to wait on Anderson to decide her immediate fate.” Speed said. “With those others awaiting trial, have to take her to the County Sheriff’s lock up. Just about looking at a full house, well except for the basement cells.” He smiled at her.   "Fine! Not like I got any say in this do I?  Just a kindly young miss defendin' some poor innocent dog from mistreatment. Yeah, incar....incar..ser..?" Caroline was stumped.   "Throw me behind bars and lemme rot then," she shrugged.   "Hey Doc, you seem like a nice man? Can you let the saloon know where I am, please? Maybe my boss can post bail or somethin'? She is gonna need her singer/dancer tonight," she now addressed Danforth.   She pointed to herself, "That be me! You should come and hear me sometime. I admit my dancin' ain't the greatest but everyone sez I can sing real fine."   ooc: Forgot about this when I came home from my trip! We should be close to finishing it soon anyhow.   @Flip   @Bongo    
    • The good reverend had the kindness to offer to write down justwhat  it was the couple were going to have to recite from memory and scribbled the words down as he said them too. Clara was grateful for that much. Her dripping sarcasm seemingly had failed miserably on Jacob so she was stuck learning this. Fortunately it did not seem too long or so bad. That is if her nerves didn't fail her. Well, she would just have to find out. Besides, even if she bungled the vows, it could be easily sorted, nothing was going to stop them from getting married!   Hearing that all present would have to agree to the marriage gave Clara a bit of a new worry. Unanimous? So it would take only one to ....to scuttle the whole thing? A new thing to be nervous about. Afterall there would be Granny Miggins present.......oh and Arabella too. So far Arabella had been most supportive about the young couple but it was afterall Arabella. Mercurial described the child to a tee.   Clara took her copy, "Thank you, Reverend."   Then Jacob began to recite the whole thing. Now? Both Redmonds turned their gaze to watch and listen to the little performance. Strange.   When he had finished, Clara could only comment, "You are a bit early. This is not the ceremony yet."   Since Aurelian could not help with the ring, he then turned to the minister, "What is the cost of the marriage ceremony, use of the church and such? I will pay for it. It is tradition the father of the bride pay for the expenses."            
    • "Oh, really? Congratulations, then, Mrs. Soon-to-be Pike!" Lucinda smiled warmly, but her smile was tinged with sadness, as were her thoughts. This woman had found someone she liked enough to marry again, but Lucinda doubted that she ever would. Out here, anyway. Back east was a different story.   "I would be glad of the company if you could spare a few minutes," she answered. Now the question was...what would they talk about? All Lucinda wanted to know was news from the east, but it wasn't likely Emeline would know any more than she did. And as far as news went, living by yourself for six months didn't give you a lot of news-worthy things to talk about.   "Could I also have some water? I don't know about you, but stagecoaches make my throat terribly dry."
    • "White... fish?" José repeated, a little incredulous at such a name. Not that Kalispell was much better, but at least it was a name, rather than a color of aquatic creature. "No, I wasn't headed there. Why?"   "Uh, jest that it ain't there no more, an' you'd be wastin' your time huntin' her up.  Wasn't all that much anyway. I mean there was people what lived there, they had stores and all, but it jest never felt right. You know, somethin' off about the place." Carson explained as well as he could.   "Nest for outlaws mostly, a man had ta be careful what he said, an' such-like. But now Kalispell? That there's a growing concern. Most folks 'er friendly, Marshal seems to be a fair man. Yeah, a good place. So, what sortta work you looking for?" It was easy conversation for a lengthy ride across the range, pushing through the cattle when they crowded up.   "You might wanna douse that there lamp. Moon an' stars shed plenty of light out here." What he was thinking was, that a moving light crossing the Evergreen might bring on problems neither of them wanted, or needed.  @boshmi    
    • "Clara, your response is the same, merely with the first line as; 'I, Clara Redmond, take you, Jacob Lutz, to be my husband,' of course."   Jacob smiled warmly at Clara, his heart filling with joy at the thought of it, and catching Aurelian’s eye a lesser, more respectful one.   He wrote out the vow once more on a separate sheet, though with said amendment.   "Just before the vows, you will both declare intent, and I will ask the greater family if they give their blessing, at which point, Mr. Redmond, you and others of the family present must reply unanimously with 'we do.'" he told Clara's father. "Once that is sorted, you may exchange rings, or items, and say a piece of your own, if you so desire. I will bless the items, then your marriage, and finally, you will be man and wife, given that we have signed the certificate, either before or during the ceremony."   Compared to many other undertakings in life, the whole thing seemed ludicrously simple: there seemed to be only one factor that could make it go wrong; the usual one; people.   The priest took the vows he’d written and moved down from the lectern to pass them to Jacob and Clara. “They aren’t too long, so it shouldn’t be all that difficult to memorize them.”   Jacob glanced down his script, and then folded the paper, and closing his eyes intoned in a sort of sing song voice he used for memorising poems and passages of prose he liked: "So… 'Inthe nameofGod,…. I JL, take you, CR, tobemywife, tohaveandto holdfromthisdayf’rw’rd, forbetterfor worse, forricherfor poorer, in sickness and in health” for some reason he said these words more distinctly, like they were less familiar or didn’t quite fit into his mnemonic process “…toloveandtocherish, untilwearepartedbydeath. Thisismysolemnvow.In the name of God… yeah, I think I got it." He opened his eyes to see everybody staring at him.   “What?” he asked, blinking.   @Wayfarer @boshmi
Caroline Mundee

So This is What a Big Shot Looks Like?

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Mature Content: Nope other than maybe language.

With: Caroline, Shade,
Location: Star Dust Saloon
When: May /1876
Time of Day: Evening




Caroline had just finished her first song and dance number to a hearty round of applause, bowed a few times to the appreciative crowd, pointed to the young piano player in the corner then promised them she would some perform some more in a short while but the customers should just enjoy themselves with some drinks. With that she went down the steps and moved thru the crowd, all smiles as she exchanged greetings and wisecracks with some of the more enthusiastic menfolk. This was of course also part of her job, mingling with the customers, and she was good at it. But first it was time to wet her whistle.


Leaning up against the bar, she caught Ralph's attention and raised one forefinger, a signal the shot glass should be her 'special' whiskey, in other words colored water. It would be a long night and no need for the real stuff this early. As she waited for the man to comply, she glanced at the tall cowpoke at the bar next to her. She did not recognize him. Well, not everyone were regulars of course.


"Evenin' cowboy, had a long day did ya?" she inquired with a pleasant smile.


"Long week," Shade replied as he surreptitiously studied the young woman. So, this was the gal that the hands were gushing over? He could understand why. She had a beautiful singing voice and was not hard on the eyes either. Her hair was a light golden brown that reminded him of ripened winter wheat and her eyes were intensely blue. Shade had been around long enough to know that singing and dancing were not the young woman's only job at the saloon. She was expected to keep the clientele happy and spending their money so he lifted his nearly empty beer glass. "I think I could use another beer. Can I buy you anything?" As Shade asked his question, he pushed his hat back from his face a bit to allow her a better view of the man she was talking to.


"A whole week huh? No wonder you want a second beer," she grinned, then called over to the bartender, "Hey Ralph! This here fella needs a refill, thanks!"


She then eyed him more closely, a man in the prime of life, handsome enough too not that that should enter into things. A thirsty customer was a thirsty customer. She tossed down her shotglass in one long gulp and set it down again with a thunk on the hardwood bar.


"I don't drink beer. Izzit alright if I get me a shot?" she then asked him. Left unsaid, but obvious enough a shot of liquor cost more than a beer. He sure didn't look impoverished though.


"Sure, get yourself a shot or two," Shade replied with a pleasant grin, "By the way, I'm Shade Thornton. You have my hands entranced and I must say, your singing was incredible. I see what they are so enthusiastic about."


"Two eh, generous sort," she grinned, "Well, Shade Thornton...oh, from the Lost Lake ranch, heard plenty about that place. Thank ya for the compliments Mr. Shade Thornton. I am Caroline, Caroline Mundee."


Ralph came up then with another glass of foamy beer so Caroline ordered two shots of whiskey. Ralph knew without her saying that she would only want one of them filled with liquor. She had to stay on her feet all night.




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