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    • Emeline nodded silently as the rabbit was pointed out, slowly taking the rifle from Barnabas.  She'd done some hunting, but it had been a while, so she wasn't too sure of her skill, especially with and unfamiliar weapon.  At least they weren't going to starve if she missed.   Bringing the weapon up, she took careful aim, but then muttered, "But Barnabas, he's so cute!  Can't we keep him?"   Then she squeezed the trigger, causing the rabbit to jump.  But as he leapt up and spun, he tumbled back and went limp, falling to the dirt in a motionless heap.   "No pet bunny," Emeline sighed, handing the rifle back.  "Build me a fire and I'll cook you a rabbit!"    @Flip        
    • "I'm sorry Clara.  Maybe I should have made my intentions more clearer but I thought you were and are still too young.  To say that I am pleased about your marriage would be a lie."   Clara frowned but that sounded turned into a glare. And after she had just told him she wished for the very best for his new law career.   "The only thing I can offer you is that I hope that your husband will do his best when the future comes and that you won't suffer if he doesn't."   She was not going to stand here and be hurt like this. Oh, she wanted to say more but what good would it do and what difference would it make? None.   "We are done here. I will never make the same mistake again of trying to talk to you. We have nothing further to say. Good day to you, Deputy," she said thru gritted teeth then stepped to one side of him and kept on walking.  
    • Brendan flew over the crest of the rise on Fiona with the rest of the riders and tried to pick out the rustlers from where their gunshots were coming from. It was hard, with the intermittent flashes from the gunfire giving only a little clarity to their attacker's figures. He rode bent low on Fiona's neck and stretched his pistol out in front of him. Somewhere on the way to the paddocks he had lost track of José, but there was no time to worry about him now.   A spattering of gunfire came from ahead and in the resulting light, he caught sight of a fellow on a horse across the paddock. He pointed his pistol and squeezed the trigger once. In the dark, with the motion of his horse, and the uncertainty of the whole situation, there was no way of knowing if his shot would even hit. He shot again in hopes that he would at least hit something.   Shooting in the dark was a lot different than shooting at rattlesnakes or beer bottles in the daytime, and neither of those things he'd practiced on ever shot back. These men would shoot back.
    • Brendan chuckled. "Dream? Nah, my dream is to lay around all day with nothin' to do. But this ain't so bad." Now that he thought about it, he didn't really have a dream. Besides being rich someday. There wasn't anything wrong with drifting, but it certainly wasn't the dream.   He led the way into the stable and pointed to an empty stall. "That one can be hers. Oats are in the corner over there if she wants any." He pointed this time to a large sack labeled "oats" stacked on several others like it.   Then he went over to his horse's stall. "This here's Fiona. She's mine." He patted her chestnut nose fondly and entered the stall to start putting her tack on. He was in no hurry to get out on the range, and José's horse needed some time to be fed and watered, so he took his time and even brushed Fiona's coat a bit before putting the saddle on.   "You ever ridden for a place this big before?" he asked, glancing back at the Mexican. It was highly unlikely. Steelgrave had one of the biggest places in Montana and probably in the whole of the territories. Probably.
    • Jay was listening, Addy was pleased with that, and he seemed to understand what she was trying to say, and that made her happy, but then he hesitated and she tried to explain a bit more.   "Yer different, Jay, I didn't never think any man could..."   But then he took her hand and was kneeling in front of her, and her head started screaming, 'No, no, no...don't...'  But her heart was soaring, and her head eagerly followed...   "Addy, do you want to become my wife?"   "I do that."  Grinning, she nodded and squeezed his hands, then pulling him up into a hug.  As much as she had resisted, she'd been wanting this for some time, and she knew he had too, so as quiet and simple as this was, it was all she'd ever hoped for.   And since the words had already been said, it was time to kiss, so she did!   @Jack        
Gillian Locke

Yes, I am Traveling Alone

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Mature Content: No

With: Open, Any Hotel staff
When: Mid April 1876
Time of Day: Noon, exactly






Gillian took a long look at the main room of the inn that she had just entered. The single phrase she had repeated most sounded in her mind, almost like a mantra or even a chant. Like a song one got stuck in their head, she found the words floating around. They were simple words and said by a man would have not have had the same meaning. They would have even been different if said by a white woman. But coming from her, they could be dangerous.


The room was simple, if well decorated and clean. It was like many she had seen in towns like this, if a bit larger and more upscale. The wood creaked beneath her fine black leather ankle boots and her taffeta skirts swished as she walked further inside. Her dark eyes were serious and her face showed no hint of a smile for the people in the room, some taking up tables for the midday meal and others who actually worked the establishment.


Her stomach growled at the smells from the kitchen, reminding her that breakfast on the train had been unsatisfying. She was sure she had been under-served because of the phrase that again fell into her thoughts. It wasn't until the staff in the train realized she was the one with money (and not some unseen husband) that they finally began to pay attention but by then Gillian's appetite had been lost. 


She didn't expect it to be different here but there was always a sliver of hope. But, just a sliver. She approached the wooden desk that announced its purpose as a check-in counter with a little sign, "Good afternoon, I would like a room, please." Yes, I am traveling alone, she finished in her head. 

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Walter Simpson, the day desk clerk, had been putting some mail into various slots at the back of the desk, when he heard a woman's voice asking for a room.  He turned around and was surprised to see a young woman standing there.  She was well dressed, which was a good thing as most of the cheaper rooms in the hotel were already occupied.


Smiling, he stepped towards the desk, "Good day to you, madam.  We have a few rooms available.  Do you require a single or double room?"





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"A single, please." Gillian replied immediately. Normally, she left it open whether or not she was alone but this was no time to keep someone guessing. And she wasn't about to pay more for a room than necessary even if she had it.  She would always stay in practice of spending modestly but there was something to be said for getting used to living a certain way. 


"If you have something ready now, I would like to clean up after traveling." Though it was probably hard to see what she may clean up as her hair and dress were spotless. Still, she had been riding in a train for days and wanted to change, "Then perhaps you will tell me a bit about this town." She said, glancing down at her luggage as if someone else should be carrying it up to the room. Looking around the room again, she began to make plans on taking a sort of tour of the town.

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Walter raised one eyebrow as he turned to see what single rooms were available.  It wasn't his place to ask why the young lady was travelling alone especially to a place that was remote as Kalispell.


Turning back to the woman, he smiled, "Room 10 is available.  It's just up the hall from our bathrooms.  If you require hot water for a bath just let us know when.  Now if you will just sign here, we'll take care of the rest."


As he waited for her to sign the ledger, he motioned to the boy who usually carried the luggage up to the rooms.  The boy came over and waited for the new guest.


After the lady had signed the register, Walter read the name, "Thank you, Miss Locke.  If you would like I can ask Mr. Wentworth to help you with any enquiries you may have about the town."



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