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Sagas of the Wild West
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A New Broom Sweeps Clean or The Littered House on the Prairie

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"Well, it was just wonderful, Clara. I looked at her, so pretty and... and vivacious and there was I miles away from you and... well..." he actually started to tear up a little.


Clara was tense, trying to not get emotional or even worse, angry. She did admit on rare occasions she just might have a bit of an issue with her temper.


"... I just though of how much I was missing you and how I couldn't wait to get back here and hold you again." He looked up at her, his eyes shining. "And I'm just so happy, I'm just so happy because, well, men are men, you know: they..., they usually have a conscience until they're faced with temptation, but I wasn't tempted at all. I just... I just want you. Forever."


Clara blinked.  Jacob then approached her, she held her ground.


"Clara. I'm sorry, I was teasing you a little before and, well, I know that's not... well, teasing's the sort of fun that's a little off of your range, and I'm going to try and stop doing it. But please believe me, you are just everything to me. So beautiful and wonderful and... I love you, and I will always love you and, well, Western Union want me to ride express for them and it's a little dangerous but the money's good but, if you don't want me to do it, I'll turn it down. No question."


Clara was tearing up yet again, some of it must be because of the baby. She had heard pregnancies could have effects on women and as of now, she believed it. But some of it was because of relief too. Jacobs ardent declarations were just exactly the sort of thing she wanted to......no, needed to hear! This marriage, the baby and Jacob himself, why this was everything to her.


"Oh Jacob, I love you too," she kept it simple then as she reached out and embraced him, the very sort of thing the Clara of even six months earlier would have never done. She was no longer that person.  The Western Union bit could wait for a later discussion. For that moment she just wanted to hold and be held by her husband, the father of their baby.




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