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Finding Addy

Message added by Stormwolfe,

Holding off Moving this thread until I hear back from Bongo regarding its status. If it has been abandoned, there is no reason to move it.

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"Yes, ya can."  Addy grinned and patted the boy's shoulder then glanced at Weedy.  "You two get dressed an' meet me out back, just be quiet, Isiah's still sleepin'."  She chuckled.  "Or pretendin' to so he don't gotta do chores!"


She slipped out and past Isiah again, then headed out to the shed to get things ready for the boys to gather eggs and milk the cow.  She wasn't sure how much of that sort of thing Josh had been able to do back home...she'd have to catch up with Isiah, but they could do that over flapjacks and bacon!



Weedy rubbed his eyes then crawled out of bed.  "You ever gathered eggs?" he asked.  "Our chickens are nice, they don't peck or anything.  We can feed them after we get the eggs, like a reward."



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@Bongo  Before I move this entire thread, as there has been no replies from MD since August '22, should we consider this thread abandoned? MD has not been on since September '22.


Please let me know! Thanks lots!

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