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[Episode] The Bear

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What comes next in the Saga of the Bear? Put on your dancing shoes!


The last event on the agenda for the Founder's Day Celebration is the open air dance. This will take place on the fairgrounds. A bandstand and dance floor has been constructed, a large tent set up for a buffet style meal, and of course, there are a few beer barrels and water barrels too.


We'd like to do the dance thread similar to the brawl, some individual post replies, some JPs, etc. However, if anyone wants to start up their own thread, that's fine too. It does not all have to be in one.


For dance scenes, use the following date: Evening, Saturday, July 31, 1875


If you have ideas for new scenes, feel free to start them. We'll try to keep the dating system for upcoming threads more fluid. Everyone will need to watch for bear events written by each other so we all know what has happened and what hasn't.


I will add a bear thread tag to be used in conjunction with the others (open tags, closed tags, etc.) to flag posts as bear-related posts.


Best wishes and have fun!

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I know we all still have a few posts to do in the main dance thread and in the side threads. However, let's start looking at winding them down. Don't short change yourselves, you can keep posting even after we move on - just recommending we begin the wind down on those scenes.

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@Admin   @Characters   @Members   @Moderators


Good Day All,


Here's a bit of a timeline update on our main episode plot - scenes marked with [EP] indicate direct bear involvement.


[EP] Bear-Ly There

Date: Tuesday, August 3


[EP] Tracks

Date: Wednesday, August 4


The goal is to tell the story of the marauding bear and, at the same time, weave character stories in with it so that no one is left waiting too long for story posts. We do not have a hardcore set timeframe that you can write in. In general, keep the [EP] marked events in mind as you plan scenes. You need to have an idea of what your character could realistically know, might know, or should know regarding a marauding bear wreaking havoc in the area. Also, bear encounters are not limited to certain characters. If you have a good bear plot scene, add it to the plot requests forum here or in Discord.


How do I know what date to use on my scenes?


This is a hard one to answer. Think about the likely speed of gossip and news in that era and do your best to plan accordingly regarding how clued in on local events your character would be.


So far, the bear has not killed anyone, only livestock. There are going to be some human fatalities and injuries. Dr. Danforth will have his work cut out for him!


Feel free to update this thread with questions and suggestions! This is a collaborative writing site so everyone can join in the plotting and planning!

Edited by Shade Thornton (see edit history)

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This first thing should go in the Announcements forum, but I am feeling lazy...


We have officially converted to not setting an actual date on scenes. I will get get a weather graphic up tomorrow and update the season/weather information. For now, we're in the early part of August (just after the 1st). Remember, we're now event-driven not date-driven so everyone needs to stay up-to-date with what's happening. The Recent Posts tab on the character profiles tells you their recent activity unless it was in a JP, then you need to drop into Discord and check the #tags channel for updates.


Do not have your character aware of an event unless the scene has been completed and locked!

Part 2: Y'all need to lock your scenes when you finish them.


Due to all the time I've spent converting us to the Character Mod, we have not moved forward in awhile. I'm going to catch up on tags tomorrow (everywhere), then I need to get some guides done up for this site. After that, I'll try to put up some plot requests or open invitation scenes for people to jump into. Meanwhile, don't forget, if you want plots, can post what you're looking for in our Plot Requests forum. It will feed right to Discord so people can jump on it!

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@Admin  @Players  @Members


Shout out and Thank You to @Bongo who set the topic title trend of having the word Bear in titles that concern an attack by Old Satan. I have followed suit and renamed my scene to Bear Tracks and the upcoming one will be Bear Chase. So, if you all can, work the word bear into your titles when the scene involves anything about Old Satan, the killer bear.


Remember! We no longer have to figure out and add specific days/dates to our scenes. See my update on time management in the Announcements forum. Also, as I find them, I will update our plotting and planning guidelines.

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Here's a reminder!


You no longer have to wait for one scene to finish to start a new one. You also do not have to wait on bear related scenes to finish to open your own, you simply have to wait for in-progress scenes to be completed before your character can know anything about what happened. We are running on the assumption that events are occurring at different times during a day or on different days. Just make sure your character is not working off of OOC knowledge and you're golden!

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Good Day Everyone!


I read the post where Addy and Speed had their misadventure with Mister Bear! Wow! :cowboy:


Clara and Shade are about to be bear chased!


Hannah, Matt, and Longshot are discussing the bear!


Harriet is enjoying her Sunday picnic with Jonah! Thank you @Bongo !  @Longshot Quentin has competition :riding: 


@Flip is doing some awesome scene-setting narrative posts! Everyone should feel free to do these types  of posts too! :smoking: Flip has promised us more trouble!


Thank you, @JulieS for our new emoticons! Everyone, they are listed under Western Folks in our emoticon dropdown (points at smiley face in editor menu). However, please only use emoji in OOC Posts or OOC statements at the bottom of your IC post.


I have added new emoji to the Likes buttons at the bottom of each post. Fee free to use these as ways to congratulate and give kudos to your writing partners! It will make them smile!


We'll do our best to have the bear attack an NPC soon!

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