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The Sagas of the Wild West RPG is hosted on forums powered by Invision Community.


Current Version: Invision Community v4.2.7


This thread will be used for updates on the site's features, theme features, issues, etc.

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Invision Community 4.3 Release

Invision Community 4.3 will be released soon and contains numerous new features, updates, and upgrades. Most of the changes will be transparent to the end users (all of us), but a couple of them will improve community engagement and our RPG writing experience.


The two that will affect us the most are:

  • Setting so when someone is typing in an editor, other members will see a "Member X is typing..." status in the editor view.
    • This means that when we are editing a Joint Scene (post) to add answers to tags, we will be able to see if anyone else is editing at the same time. This will help us avoid accidentally overwriting someone else or even our own work.
  • Wordpress OAuth login method built in.
    • We use Wordpress to host our lore as it has large document-friendly features, it is easy to organize, and supports easy upload and management of various media. This enhancement means we can sync logins and members to our lore site so that everyone can add articles with relative ease. I will post more on this as I work out integrating our Wordpress powered lore with this site.

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New Feature Added: @ Group Mentions


We have added a new feature to our site! It is now possible to mention Groups (like in Discord where you can mention specific roles like @ members.


If you are setting up an open tagging thread (meaning anyone can join in) or need to get admins' attention on an issue in the Help Me forum, you can send notifications to the specific group.


To send a Group Mention...

  1. Go to the Group Mentions dropdown at the bottom of the editor.
  2. Select the group to notify.

Use this feature sparingly!

This feature sends out notifications to every member of a specific group. Therefore, in the case of an Open Tagging thread, you might want to select Players so that a single notice goes to each individual Player instead of to all of their characters!


@Administrators @Players

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New In-Character Forums Added

I have added new In-Character storytelling forums.



These stories may be set in the Kalispell region as well. It is still preferred that solo character flashbacks be written in-line with the current story. For example, if an event triggers a memory of something that happened to your character, write that post in the current episode. If you want to tell a complete story set prior to July 1875, you would write it in one of the Historicals forums.


Montana Territory

This forum is for writing character plots set prior to the RPG start date of July 1875 and set in the territory of Montana.


The World

Want to tell a character's story that occurred somewhere other than Montana? These stories go here.


@Administrators @Players

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Reading Topics / Scenes / Posts  Just Got Easier!


I have updated Sagas and added code to allow Topic Browsing. You can now scroll to the bottom of a scene / topic and there will be links for:

Previous Topic with its Title on the Left

Next Topic with its Title on the Right

Next Unread Topic (only if there are new topics or topics with new posts)


This should make reading scenes and topics much easier!


Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 9.51.22 AM.png


@Administrators @Players

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An update has been added to the site so that we have quick reference information on the characters available when we're posting.


Beneath the character's avatar in a scene, you will see a drop down that says Character Info. Click on that and you will see an overlay with the character's basic info on it.  In the overlay, you will see a link to the Character Bio at the bottom of the overlay.


Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 2.19.46 PM.pngScreen Shot 2018-02-10 at 2.20.07 PM.png

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Being a fan of doing things as simple as possible, I have been wading through IPS documentation on our forums. Most RPG forums have optional or mandatory places to post open and completed threads. However, in most cases, this means we'd all have to remember to go to yet another forum to update trackers. For me, that was a big no! It would be different if we had dozens of in-character boards we had to post in. That also is a big no for me!


If you go to this IC forum (we do not have activity in any of the flashback forums yet) you will see a sidebar. The third sidebar block is titled Open Scenes. If a scene is open, it is listed there. If it is not listed there, it is closed / complete.


Please remember to lock your topics when you have completed your scene. This will remove them from the Open Scenes block on the sidebar (after refreshing). 

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Sagas of the Wild West's Rules have been updated. There may be a few more refinements, but the basics are in place. There have been a few changes and clarifications so it is recommended that everyone read over them again. We have also added A Beginner's Guide which will help new people get oriented, but will also help us old hands with learning the new forum set-up also.  Like the Rules, it will likely be modified, but the core information will not change. You can find all of these documents in the Start Here forum.


For now, the character bios still serve as our Playby Directory and reservations. The goal is to keep site work to a minimum for both admin and players and the focus on In-Character writing! We will eventually setup a centralized list of faceclaims, but that is very low on the honey-do list right now.


Events and RPG timeline... Uh, no! LOL.


When each episode is completed, a summary will be added to its forum. We do not write fast and we do not accumulate so many scenes that it is impossible to read each one. Clicking Follow at the top of a topic or at the top of a forum will alert you to new posts. Keep up or don't, we're not holding your hand! I will set up a Notable Events post in our Start Here forum as a quick reference for information that all characters should or could be aware of. The Notable Events post will contain extremely basic information such as date and what occurred.

Edited by Stormwolfe (see edit history)

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Howdy Pardners!


I have just added a new item under the Browse navbar. It's called Activity. It's a quick view of all activity in an easy scroll down list. You can also use Unread Content at the top right, just beneath the user navbar. However, the Activity list is much nicer. I will try to work on the navbar so that it fits as its own item over the weekend.


Reminder, if you see anything in posts that make you laugh, cry, or you just like, use the Facebook-style reactions to let people know.


Have a great weekend everyone!

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Good Day Everyone!


I am co-opting the Site Updates thread for RPG Updates - just so we all know everything! Going forward, RPG updates and discussions will go in the actual plot topic. We just don't happen to have one for our current episode.



The Legacy will be closing as soon as the current in-process scene has been completed. Open scenes will be moved to the new episode with [FB] appended to their timeline field. They can then be completed as normal. If anyone has a scene they wanted set in July, it can go at the beginning of the next episode.


[FB] stands for flashback. It serves the purpose of notifying readers that the scene might be out of sequence with the rest of the timeline.



Details on the opening of The Bear will be added to its plotter. I hope to have the forum set up and ready to go sometime tomorrow.



First, make sure you have read the updated Rules! Most of it is the same, but there are a few changes.


Our RPG generally writes in a linear fashion for the sake of continuity with our site-wide events. However, to allow for multiple threads, we set the date as MM/YYYY without a specific day listed unless it is mandatory in order to signify when an event occurred, etc. Our time is not totally fluid, but it is not hard set either. To aid us in keeping our timeline more fluid, please update your characters' bios (history) occasionally. Add the major events that occurred. You don't have to write a novel, you can state it in one sentence. It would be awesome if you added a link to the thread where the event occurred, but that's not mandatory. I'll just be ecstatic if you do the updates! Our episode summaries will not chronicle what happened with each character unless it was major like a death (funeral) or wedding that most characters attended.


In short, we're going to continue writing in a month-by-month format. Each Player is responsible for tracking event continuity.  Watch for scenes to go up that have a set date such as August 1 or December 25. If you need to set a hard date, let me know so I can account for it in the episode plan.



As most of you know, our forum has many great features. Its major drawback is that for security reasons (good ones), it only allows one account per email. There is a Character Mod being developed that will make that a non-issue. Meanwhile, we have to use the less than reliable domain email accounts for our characters. I am getting all notices and emails, but some of you are not. Since it's not a forum setting I can change and it's not an issue with the email server I set up, it likely has its issues in Invision's delivery system or  our personal email client has blocks set up. I suggest everyone make sure that sagasrpg.net is whitelisted. Other than that, there's nothing we can do for now.


Therefore, we will tag based on our OOC accounts not our character accounts (although you may add them if you like). As always, place the tag in the scene where you want Character X to respond.


Suggested format (remove the asterisk): @*Stormwolfe (etc): Tags for Shade, Quentin, etc.


If you do an open scene that anyone can tag into, use the Group Mentions and select Players. That will send a notice to everyone. Group Mentions should show as a dropdown item at the bottom of your post editor window. 


Reminder: To do a mention (tag), all you need to do is type the @ sign and the first letter or two of the Player's name. The forum will bring up a list to select from.


Summary: Tag the player not the character, but state which character you are leaving the tag for.


As always, if you have any questions, hit me up in our chat channels (or privately) on Discord.

Edited by Stormwolfe (see edit history)

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This is not casting blame or meant to chastise anyone! Please view it as a reminder only.


Until IPS releases 4.3, we are are on our own when it comes to notices regarding who is editing posts when. Yes, we have had our first instance of a post getting overwritten or accidentally erased - which can happen any time two people's edits overlap.


To help mitigate this, I have turned on IPS's editing history feature. The site will now record all edits made to a post. Everyone should have access for viewing edit history. Please let me know in Discord if you can't see it. I have also turned off the ability to edit silently (i.e. site will not display who edited last).


To use... See screenshots.


Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 1.59.20 PM.png


Clicking on the history will show the the history in reverse chronological order (newest to oldest).


Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 2.02.40 PM.png


Other things you can do to mitigate overwriting or accidentally erasing someone else's posts....

  1. Be aware of who else is browsing the same topic by checking Who's Online and scrolling to the bottom to look at Recently Browsing. If you see someone else looking at the topic, ping them and ask if they are editing.
  2. FOLLOW the topics! This way you get emailed updates when someone posts and mentions you... you have the edits in the emails.
  3. Make a copy of the entire post before you start writing or copying/pasting your tags in. You can do this by doing a select all and copy. This will hold the entire post in your clipboard. Likewise, it's wise to do this before clicking the edit/save button.
  4. Accidents happen! It is always best to write your post offline and copy it in, but be careful of the writing already there! @Players

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Posted (edited)

New Playby Directory

Since we are adding more characters and more Players (YAY), I have added a Playby Directory for face claims. We will continue to use the Pending Approval Directory as Reserved face claims. That way, you guys still do not have to worry about updating a thousand lists.


For now, the Playby Directory is housed on our wiki. I am still looking at using the Pages application that came with our forum software to create our wiki, but still learning how to manage it. For now, it's just easier to use WordPress (very simple editor).


The new Playby Directory can be found HERE (there are also links in Character Creation and under Lore in the navbar).  I am working on updating our documents with the link and procedure. Bear with me!

Edited by Stormwolfe (see edit history)

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I resisted doing a writing guide because I felt like we already had so much reading to do to get oriented at Sagas. However, for those that need a little more information before jumping in, I created one.


Feedback via a Discord DM is welcome so that I can clarify any bits and pieces that aren't clear.

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In an effort to reduce the reading in the Start Here forum, I am setting up a FAQ forum. I will be going through the documents stored in Start Here and creating questions with short, and hopefully, concise answers. This forum will not feed posts to our Discord #help channel until the majority of questions have been set up.


If you would like to submit questions to add to the FAQ, please do it via a PM as it will get lost in the Discord channels.


Thank you!

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We are one of the winners of RPG Initiative's April spotlight. I have posted the award image at the bottom of our sideboard.


This award will allow our site to be featured on the RPG Initiative resource site for the month!


My thanks and congratulations to everyone here for the hard work and patience! We rock!

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Invision Power Services (IPS), our forum host, has released the next major update that includes a security patch. Sagas will be closed for posting on Monday, April 23 so that I can run the update and install the updated theme.


Thank you!


@Members   @Players   @Administrators

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Sagas is open and operational. Please read carefully!


The site is functional. You should be able to post and work on your characters without issue. However, I recommend saving your work before you click save on the site until I can finish testing all of our custom code.


Items that still need tested or updated:

  • Graphics and images.
  • Links.
  • Custom apps and plugins need verified and tested.
  • General site clean-up.

If you find a major site impacting issue, please post it in the Help Me! forum. Include detailed information on what the issue is, a link to where the issue occurred and, if possible, a screen shot. Simply telling me that XX does not work will not get XX fixed. I need to know what XX is and what part of it is not working for you. I cannot fix browser or computer issues for you.


Thank you for your patience!


@Members   @Players

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Y'all once again have six different backgrounds to choose from - in case you don't like our dead cow one.


To pick a different background - which will slightly alter the site's appearance overall....

  1. Click the image icon to the far right of your user name.
  2. Click on one of the six images.
  3. Close the background picker by clicking on the image icon again.

Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 10.03.01 AM.png

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Supporting Character Category Deleted



I moved all approved characters to Main Characters and renamed it Approved Characters. I will go through the bios and add a field for character role: Main, Supporting, NPC, etc. I'll also add the field to our bio forms.


I thought it'd simplify things to get them all in the same category. @Members @Players

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Hey Y'all!


Please do not panic when you visit the site next. In preparation for a site review and advertising, I have moved things around. Mainly, I have gotten rid of most of the unused subforums. The end result is that nothing is lurking inside of forums, it's all out in the open and easy to find. Also, to put the emphasis on writing and then character and story development, I have moved the OOC forums to the bottom. After all, we do almost all of our OOC chatter in Discord.

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2 hours ago, Stormwolfe said:

Hey Y'all!


Please do not panic when you visit the site next. In preparation for a site review and advertising, I have moved things around. Mainly, I have gotten rid of most of the unused subforums. The end result is that nothing is lurking inside of forums, it's all out in the open and easy to find. Also, to put the emphasis on writing and then character and story development, I have moved the OOC forums to the bottom. After all, we do almost all of our OOC chatter in Discord.


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I have enabled Reputation and Reactions for the site.


This allows you to react to OOC Posts by clicking the small thumbs-up icon in the lower right hand corner of each post.


Right now, these do not work for In-Character posts. If you read a post you just love or want to give your writing partner kudos, add a post in Sagas' Saloon or drop a note in Discord along with the link.

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About Sagas

Sagas of the WIld West is a roleplaying game set in a fictionalized version of the town of Kalispell in Montana territory. Our stories begin in 1875 and are set against the backdrop of actual historical events.Sagas was inspired by the classic television and movie westerns. Our focus is on writing, storytelling and character development.

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