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  • Plot Timeline - 1876



    Early March

    Trespassing, and Other Such Deplorable Crimes

    Jose Reyes arrives


    Late March

    A Man of God and His Vices


    Turn the Other Cheek

    Father Thomas Reed arrives



    Father Thomas becomes Associate Pastor of the Kalispell Community Church



    Early April

    Do the Right Thing

    ---------------------------Fixing a Hole

    Weedy’s adoption

    -------------------------------------------Jay Ryker works for Lorenzo Crabbe


    Sunday, April 2

    What Else Can Go Wrong?

    Elias Steelgrave fed up


    Mid April

    Some Things are Never Easy ----------------------

    Grin and Bear It

    Leah Steelgrave gives speech/drunken cat fight at Hotel




    April 21

    Amos Conroy

    Amos Conroy arrives


    April 22,

    Let's Dance!


    Jacob Lutz meets Clara Redmond


    Sunday, April 23

    Sunday Ride

    Em & Pike


    Monday, April 24

    Streets of Kalispell




    Movin' On Up


    ---------------------------Number May Not Be Enough II



    Special Delivery


    Case Steelgrave RUSTLING, Arrests


    Addy Chappel & Jay Ryker get it on!


    An attempt to break Case Steelgrave out of jail is thwarted


    Addy Chappel makes a delivery to the Fletcher/Conroy homestead


    25 April

    The Customer is Not Always Right

    Billy has lunch at the Lickskillet Cafe


    Friday-Sunday, April 28-30

    Numbers May Not Be Enough III

    Marshall Guyer looks for guards


    Late April

    The Same Old Song and Dance

    Caroline Mundee arrives, starts singing at the Stardust Saloon


    Late April

    Heading Off Trouble

    Barlow/Crabbe/McKenzie expedition against gun runners



    The Untold Story



    Banking on a Change

    Doc Boone and Dutton Peabody


    Charles Wentworth Sr. arrives and buys the Kalispell Bank



    First Week of May

    A New Start



    Aces High/Tea for Two

    Ben Simons and Rebecca Wentworth arrive


    Lorenzo Crabbe meets Ben Simons; Rebecca Wentworth meets Bridget Monahan


    1 May

    A Day of Change

    Doctor Josiah Boone leaves town


    2 May

    We Shall Have Law and Order

    Circuit Judge Bryant and Marshall Guyer meet


    6 May

    Love in Bloom

    Arabella Mudd kisses Billy


    12 May

    Ding Dong! The Bells Are Gonna Chime

    Emeline Blakesley and Barnabas Pike get married


    Early May

    Justice by Axe Handle

    ---------------------------I Need Me a Room

    Caroline Mundee goes to jail


    -------------------------------------------Circuit Judge Harland Bryant arrives in town for the trial



    Thousands of Miles from Home

    In Pursuit of Gainful Employ

    A Room with a View, and You


    Trouble Ends



    Tea and Crumpets



    A Little, Tiny Favor

    Aoife Leane arrives


    Aoife gets a job as a nurse


    Aoife moves into the Wigfall boarding house


    Arabella Mudd and James Vaughn meet


    Emeline Blakesley and Leah Steelgrave have High Tea


    Weedy goes to Whitefish


    Late May


    Mike Wentworth unveils a mystery



    Two of Us



    On the Boardwalk



    Wyatt has a Caller



    Looking for Gainful Employment

    Clara Redmond and Jacob Lutz by the Lake


    Caroline Mundee and Brendan Connolly walking out


    Wyatt Redmond and Weedy go swimming


    James Vaughn arrives



    Early June

    The Morning After or Consequences

    Charlie Wentworth/Lorenzo Crabbe Boxing contract


    Early June


    Cullen/Crabbe/Fa strike a deal


    June 20

    An Empty Stomach


    Some Like It Hot

    Lucinda Dietrich arrives


    Caroline Mundee goes shopping for a new dress


    Late June


    Arabella Mudd kisses Caroline Mundee



    Lunch at Lick Skillet




    Official Visit, etc.


    First Day of Hopefully Many

    Aurelian Redmond and Leonora Lutz talk about the situation between Jacob and Clara


    Lutz-Redmond WEDDING


    Miriam Kaufmann gets a job at the Pettigrew Emporium



    Early July

    Confrontation/In Times of Trouble/The Quick and the Dead


    Dinner is Served

    Cantrell/Connolly/Billy/BlackJack/Greer SHOOT-OUT and aftermath





    Marshal Guyer and Alice Fletcher have lunch


    Second Week of July

    The Ways of the Lonely Ones

    Dr. Danforth cures Arabella Mudd of ‘Inversion’


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