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    time-line.pngSagas of the Wild West will not alter major historical events or figures. However, some exceptions for minor events, dates when towns were established, etc., have been altered to suit the RPG’s premise and story. Those events and places will be added to this timeline as needed and will include notable in-game events that most, if not all, characters would have some knowledge of. The level of a character’s knowledge will, of course, depend on how long they have resided in the region, who they know, etc.


    Note: If it is not on this list, search the internet!



    September - December 1875

    • Notable events will be added when the timeframe closes.


    August 1875

    • Throughout the month of August, Old Satan, a massive Kodiak bear that escaped from a traveling circus years before has returned to terrorize the residents of Kalispell. The bear was finally killed and Kalispell returned to normal.


    July 1875

    • July 31 (Saturday): Founder’s Day Celebration and Fair.
    • Early July: Quentin Cantrell, Regina Thornton’s older brother, and Shade Thornton, Chance Thornton’s younger brother, arrive in Kalispell to take up residence at Lost Lake Ranch, the Thornton’s property.

    June 1875

    • June 2, 1875: Chance Thornton and Regina Thornton, along with their two eldest children, Grant and Beth, were killed by marauders. They were returning from a trip to Missoula with three of their four children. The youngest, Cody, survived by hiding.


    1800 to 1874


    • August 1: The fictional town of Kalispell is officially incorporated and August 1st is designated Founder's Day in honor of Ishmael Thornton and the other founding fathers.
    • Note: Kalispell is a real town in the state of Montana. It was established in the early 1900s. This version of Kalispell was created for the RPG.



    • Whitefish is established. Frustrated with the fact that Ishmael Thornton had an entire town accredited to his name, Elias Steelgrave began buying up land and established the town of Whitefish fifteen miles to the north of Kalispell.
    • Note: Whitefish is also a real town in Montana. Creative license was taken rather than creating a fictional town name.


    1862 - 1864

    • In 1862, the youngest Steelgrave son, Calvin, was shot and killed in Missoula by Shade Thornton. The shooting was ruled self-defense which sent the grief-stricken Steelgraves into a rage. Vowing revenge, Elias set out to ruin the Thorntons. Simply buying the Thorntons out was not an option. Besides, the family was very entrenched in the Kalispell region. So, Elias began acquiring neighboring parcels of land north of the Thorntons' Lost Lake Ranch. Those he could not buy, he acquired by hook or crook. Soon, he had a rival ranch that he named Evergreen and he moved his family north.



    • Franciscan monks establish an abbey two miles south of Kalispell called St. Francis by the Lake. For many years, this abbey served the community as a religious and educational center. Many of the region's Catholics still attend Mass at the abbey and those that need to board their children for the school week have them attend classes there.



    • Ishmael Thornton returns to the Kalispell region of Montana with his Nez Perce wife, Kimi. He establishes the trading settlement and named it for the native people of the region, Kalispell. He also lays claim to the (fictional) Chogun Mountains, Lost Lake, and the Chogun Valley. This land eventually becomes Lost Lake Ranch.


    1804 - 1806

    • Soon after the Lewis and Clark Expedition of 1804 – 1806, European settlers began arriving in Montana.


    Prior to 1800



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