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    Sagas of the Wild West does not use separate plotter and shipper documents. There are optional fields at the end for extra information of that nature. Our bios are living documents which should be updated as characters change and evolve. If you do not update the bio and add the information to it, other members cannot be accountable for knowing it.

    As with any major written document, save it often or work on it offline! Users, computers, and the internet can glitch resulting in the loss of all of your work.


    We seriously recommend that you read the following information before creating your first character.



    We do not consider Sagas to be a historical RPG as we do allow some creative license. We are not going to nitpick minor things. For instance, the town of Kalispell was not established until the early 1900s. Rather than create a fictional town's name, we used creative license to fictionalize Kalispell.


    Major historical events will not be altered. Likewise, you may not play a major historical person. This means that you will probably have to do some research of the time period on the internet. Please try to give some accuracy to your character's history without bogging down in the research.



    Creating a Character Profile

    There are two options for starting on your character's bio.

    1. Click on +Create to the right of your username in the main menu. Choose Character from the dropdown. This takes you directly to the form.
    2. Click on Characters in the main menu. In the upper right-hand corner of the Character Directory page, click New Character. This will take you to the bio form.
    3. Hint: You will need to either fill out or put WIP in each field in order to save the bio for the first time.
    4. Do not add manual line breaks in the free-form WYSIWYG fields. The site automatically inserts a line break when you click your return key.



    • Size = 220 x 220 px (square).
    • Character playbys (face claims) are preferred, but not mandatory.
    • Please use the image of a celebrity, stock images, or well-done original artwork.
    • Do not use the image of an actual historical figure.
    • No anime or cartoons please.
    • No animated GIFs for playby images.
    • Try to avoid images containing modern technology (cell phones, computers, etc.)



    After you create your character they will go into one of following groups...

    • Active - main characters
    • NPC - supporting characters, that are not vital to a story or plot but pop up when needed.
    • Shared NPC - a supporting character shared between two players.
    • Graveyard - where some of the characters end up after an untimely death.


    The other groups your characters can belong too...

    • Pending - this is where your character/s goes when you first create them.
    • Inactive - characters that are no longer part of the story due to their owners leaving the game.
    • Background Characters (BC) - sometimes you have to create a character to fill in a hole e.g. a worker on your farm or ranch.  They are needed so that you and sometimes other players can address them by name instead of saying "hey you!" ;) You can find some of the Background Characters in the Kalispell Claims guide.



    Sagas of the Wild West does not require an admin's approval for your character before you start play. However, there are a couple of steps you need to take. 


    Note: Although Sagas is app-less, you need to provide as much information in your character's profile as possible since we rely on them for plotting. Also, be advised that if Admin reads your bio and finds anything that contravenes our established game-canon, we will contact you privately and request changes or corrections.

    1. Move your character to the Active Character Group. To do this: Go to your character in the Directory, click the gear icon to the right of the character's name, choose Change Group, choose Active.
    2. The site will automatically move you from the Members group to the Players group after your 3rd post. They system keeps you in Members for 3 posts since you might be posting OOC to claim a Wanted Ad, etc.
    3. Please notify Admin that your character is complete so that we can change your Discord role to Players.


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