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  • Character Profile Template


    This document is here to help you with creating your character's profile. Not everything can be covered. If you have questions, please browse the Sagas' Wiki first. If you cannot find the answer to your question, you can PM the site's admin by replying to your Welcome PM or drop into the Sagas' Discord and leave a message in the #help channel. If the information is not specified in any of the documents on the site, then use the internet to research historical events and dates.


    There are no fancy templates to fill out. Just scroll down the form, read the help text beneath the form fields, and fill in the information. The site will organize the fields into neat tabs on the character's profile.


    The profile form may be copied and filled out offline. However, if you choose to work on it on the site, reading the hints and tips found below each field will help you complete it. You may take up to two weeks to complete your character's bio by putting WIP in the bios fields and editing the profile later.


    No matter which method you choose, SAVE your work often! We are not responsible for computer or internet glitches that eats your document.


    Once you have completed your character's profile (aka character sheet), please follow the instructions found in the We Don't Need Any Stinkin' Approvals section of the Character Creation Guide to move your character to the Active Characters' group for play. You should also notify admin that the bio is done so we can move you to the right role in our Discord.




    Static Fields


    Name: First and Last or Middle and Last. This is the name that will appear on your character's posts and in the Character Index. Avoid using the character's nickname here since there is a field for Goes By.


    Title: This is misleading! Please put the character's place of employment here or, if unemployed, something like Career Challenged, Heiress, Villainous Railroad Man.


    Avatar: 220px X 220px. We prefer living people (celebrities), but well-done, realistic artwork images are acceptable. No anime!


    Signature: Yes, characters can have their own individual signatures. Graphics must be static and no more than 750px wide X 250px high.


    No advertising allowed in character sigs! You may advertise other RPG related sites in your OOC profile's sig.


    Role: This is a dropdown, but it is important because it is the guideline for how much info is needed in the rest of the bio.


    • Main Character: These are primary characters that will be written and plotted with most. There really should be no fields listed as N/A or N/R!
    • Supporting Character: These are like recurrent secondary cast members on a television series. You can get away with less information in each field, but there should be none listed as N/A or N/R.
    • NPC: These are played only by you, put in as much or as little information as you need to keep track of them and write them consistently.
    • Shared NPC: An NPC you created but have shared with others. These characters need a bit more detail so the other writers know how you want them portrayed.


    Playby: The name of the celebrity you are using as your character's avatar or state Original Artwork and add the artist's name in your Player Notes at the end of the bio.


    Full Name: The character's full, complete name (First, Middle, Last; i.e. David Robert Jones, not David R. Jones).


    Goes By: Nickname that everyone knows and uses. This can be a short form of first name, their middle name, a true nickname like Weasel, etc.


    Profession: What type of job they do (law enforcement, military service, hair stylist, heiress, etc.).


    Rank/Title: Job rank or title (Lieutenant, Captain, Associate, Manager, CEO, Doctor, etc.)


    Birth Date: MM/DD/YYYY


    Relationship: Relationship status. This is a drop down list, choose one.


    Height: List in feet / inches (example: 6' 4")


    Hair Color: Base hair color only such as brown, dark brown, brunette, blond, etc. Keep it to one or two short words. Details can be added in Physical Description. This is the character's hair color, we do not care if it is different from the playby's.


    Eye Color: Base eye color such as brown, dark brown, green, blue, etc. Keep it to one or two short words. Details can be added in the Physical Description field. This is the character's eye color, we do not care if it is different from the playby's.

    Physical Description

    Upload a portrait style avatar of your character (250px X 350px preferred) or reasonably sized banner-style image. This field is for describing the physical details of your character that differs from their playby or for adding details other players might need to know. Also, their personal style, grooming, clothing, etc. If there are no significant differences from their avatar's to document, upload the portrait image and go to the next field.


    Personality Traits & Characteristics

    List your character's core personality traits and weight them with a (+) for positive, (-) for negative, or (+/-) if the trait can be both a negative and a positive. Add any details that everyone else needs to know or write an overview of the character's personality below the list. Note: This is also where you would detail gender identity, sexuality information, etc.

    Important! Almost everyone of a certain age was affected by the American Civil War. Some characters would have lasting issues from the conflict. If relevant, please make note of it in their personality and history sections.


    Example: Traits

    • Loyal (+/-): Character Name is fiercely loyal to the people in their lives. Unfortunately, this can lead them to being blind to that person's faults and unforgiving of perceived betrayal.
    • Brave (+)
    • Sensitive (+/-)


    Employer's name, details such as position, how long employed, former jobs (if game-relevant), etc. Include any professionally-related skills and education or training.



    Non-job related skills, abilities, hobbies and interests. List, describe, have fun!


    Any aliases, code names, call signs, or additional nicknames used in the past. Can list this field as N/A or N/R.



    You can view our map mock-ups here. Main story takes place in fictionalized versions of Kalispell and Whitefish Montana. Please include Place of Birth if different from current residence.


    Kith and Kin

    List any game relevant relatives (at least parents and significant other) and in-game connections (friends, foes) that you have arranged with other players (our version of a Shipper).


    Life Events

    In Timeline format, please list major life-impacting events in the character's life. Education, marriages, jobs, etc. Where they were and when they were there. This can be updated as the character is played and develops.


    This is just an example. How you format yours, as long as we can see dates easily, is up to you. You may write a full history if you like. Just make sure the dates are easy to see.


    Important! If your character is an adult, they were likely affected by the American Civil War in some manner. It may have been minor or major. Please make sure to note that in their history.

    Character Notes

    (Optional) Anything you want us to know about the character that was not covered elsewhere goes here or use for things you would like to keep track of such as pet names, etc. You may list this field as N/A.


    Player Notes

    (Optional) Add anything you would like to keep track of or tell us about the character from an OOC POV. What you are looking for regarding character relationships, plots, etc. This is our version of a Plotter.


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