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  • Discord Channel Guide


    Sagas of the Wild West uses Discord for the majority of our OOC communications. To keep things organized and help prevent talking over the top of one another, we have several channels set up on our server. Each channel has a purpose and its title indicates the topic. We ask our members to try and stay on-topic, but do not strictly police it.


    We also have a mod that feeds links to specified topics and replies to our Discord channels. This is handy for people who visit Discord more regularly than the site.


    discord-channels.pngCHAT CHANNELS

    These are our open chat channels.


    Open Chat: Just what the title says. This channel is for all of our members and players to get together and chat about anything and everything. We ask that everyone respects each other and require all disputes to be handled privately.


    Open Chat 2: This is an overflow channel. It can get confusing and annoying when several people are chatting about different things as the same time. This channel is here for people to move into for a more focused conversation.


    Absences: For members and players to leave short leave of absence notices. It helps us manage expectations for post replies and other participation.


    Help Me: This is the best place to leave questions and report issues. We prefer it not be used for general chatting.



    The channels in this category are RPG focused.


    Dice Rolling: On occasion, our players want to use the dice to determine the outcome of a in-character event. We have a bot that allows dice rolling, coin flipping, etc.


    JP Tags: Since threads do not light up as new when people edit their tags directly into a post, we have to manually put the tags with a link here. This channel can also be used for discussing a joint posts progress or tell the writing partner(s) that it's time to start a new reply. Use of this channel is optional.


    Open Tags: This is for manually adding tags to all other threads. Use of this channel is optional for tagging since new replies automatically feed to the #new-replies channel. If a player prefers to manually add tags, they can go here. Players may also use this channel for discussing specific threads and replies.


    Plotting: Open channel for chatting about various plots, planning threads, or even leaving a plot request (although we prefer you write these up on the forum). New topics and replies in our Plot Requests and Site-Wide Plots post here.




    The channels in this group receive feeds from our game site. To keep them clean, conversation is prohibited here.


    Announcements: Admins and Mods can post site announcements here. This channel is where new member welcome messages appear, new wiki pages, etc.


    New Replies: This is where new IC post replies appear.


    New Threads: This is where new IC threads (topics, scenes) appear.


    Want-Ads: When a new character wanted ad is posted or claimed,  links to the topic and replies post here.




    General: Open use voice chat channel.


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