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  • Mature Content and Ratings


    Mature Content Information

    Sagas of the Wild West voluntarily rates the in-character threads based on content. Our default is PG-14 which covers most mild profanity, violence, etc. For more graphic content, we add a simple rating system to the top of each thread. 


    Sagas of the Wild West and its members are not liable if someone chooses to disregard the rating and read the thread and its posts.


    Our site rating, based on the RPG Rating System is 333 which means graphic content is allowed. All of our members and Players are over the age of 18. However, extreme graphic content is and should be rare. Actual ratings on the in-character threads follows the movie/TV ratings system.



    • PG: Safe for all audiences.
    • PG-14: Recommended for ages fourteen and older (default rating).
    • NC-18: Mature content, over eighteen only.



    • N/A: This is our default and indicates the thread and posts does not contain anything that exceeds a PG-14 rating.
    • D: Dialog may be suggestive or contain strong profanity.
    • L: Strong or sexually graphic profanity.
    • S: Suggested sexual situations or graphic sexual dialog.
    • V: Graphic or extreme violence or descriptions of violence, torture, etc.

    Example: A thread might be rated PG-14, but the writer added D and L for strong profanity. The rating would appear as PG-14: D,L.


    Player Tutorial

    Short tutorial on how to set up your threads if they exceed the defaults of PG-14 and N/A (for content). Remember, you only have to do the following IF your post exceeds the defaults listed above (PG-14: N/A).


    1. Thread Tag: Under your thread title, click tag and type Mature, . Add the comma is the same as clicking enter. This ensures that notice appears on the topic listing page that the thread contains Mature content.
    2. Choose the Rating. It defaults to PG-14. Therefore, if you are rating the thread as Mature, you would choose NC-18.
    3. Choose the Content: It defaults to N/A. So you would hold down your shift, command, or ctrl key and choose all that apply to the thread (D,L,S,V).
    4. Fill out the remainder of the header information and write your post as normal.


    If you need more information or assistance, post in the Help Me forum or the #help-me channel on Discord.


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