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  • Plotting & Planning


    Sagas main themes are based on the classic TV and movie westerns of yesteryear! Plots can have ongoing family drama, trouble with bandits, locals, Native Americans and, eventually, we will have the railroad coming to Kalispell!


    Our Plot Definitions

    Timeframes: Period of IC writing dates. We will usually run three in-game months at a time. The timeframe will change when most plots are slowing down and threads are completed.


    Site Plot(s): These are the stories that should touch almost every character in some manner. Even if the character does not actively participate, it is likely they will learn of the events via gossip, newspaper, saloon talk, etc. It is possible that some site plots will have to be continued over the next few timeframes to write out a good resolution.


    Character Plot(s): These are the bread and butter of the RPG. They are also where the biggest part of character development happens. Sometimes they will mingle with various site plots, sometimes they will stand by themselves. Many of them, especially the ones that revolve around character relationships, will also continue from one timeframe to another.



    Players can choose to involve their characters in the site plots or not. This does not exempt the character from eventually learning what happened in that story. On the other hand, it is quite possible that characters will not be aware of events that happened in specific character plots they were not involved with.


    All Players with at least one active character are encouraged to submit plot ideas! The more options we have, the more plots we can offer for each timeframe. The only caveat is that the submitter needs to stay actively engaged in running the story. The one admin/game manager cannot do it all! 


    Players can then get together and discuss the plot in PM, Discord’s #plotting-chats channel, or Discord’s direct message (private chat). The major thing to remember is that participation is always optional. You may request other characters for a plot you have in mind, but it is not incumbent on the Players to agree.


    The current timeframe's site plot threads are always pinned to the top of the Plotting & Planning forum. All Players are welcome to make suggestions or add thread requests there.


    As you can see, there are many ways to contribute to Sagas’ plots and get scenes added for your characters.



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