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    This is a simple list of various in-play businesses and properties in the town of Kalispell and its legal jurisdiction. New items will be added as characters are created and they are needed. If you do not see it on this list, add a note into your Welcome PM after your character is approved and the business or property will be added to this list. If you wish to create a wiki page for your character's business or property, you may add a page in the Kalispell category.


    Town Officials


    • Scott Cory - retiring mayor (BC)


    Marshal's Office

    • Town Marshal: Henry "Speed" Guyer
    • Deputy Marshal: Barnabas "Pronto" Pike
    • Deputy Marshal: Charlie Wentworth
    • Reserve Deputy: Hannah Cory (Inactive)


    County Court

    • Judge Ben Robertson (BC) - civil matters
    • Circuit Judge: Harland Bryant - criminal matters (NPC)


    Town Council

    • Judge Ben Robertson (BC) 
    • Matt Wentworth - Owner Belle-St. Regis Hotel
    • Open -
    • John Anderson - Owner Mercantile (BC)


    School Board:

    • Katherine Bowen - teacher (NPC)
    • Pastor Gideon Evans (BC)
    • Judge Ben Robertson (BC)
    • Daniel Wilson (BC)


    Established Businesses

    Belle-St. Regis Hotel

    • Owner: Matthew Wentworth
    • Manager: Kurt Albrecht (NPC)
    • Desk Clerk: Walter Simpson (BC)
    • Cook: Terrence O'Malley (BC)


    Doctor's Office

    • Owner: Jonah Danforth (doctor, surgeon)

    Mercer & Associates Legal Services

    • H.G. Mercer Esq.


    Kalispell General Store

    • Daniel Wilson (BC) - Ownership open
    • Shop Clerk: Anna Albrecht (NPC)


    Kalispell Mercantile

    • John & Mary Agnes Anderson  (BC) - Ownership open


    Pettigrew & Packham (Deceased) Drapers, Millinery, Haberdashery, Specialist Corsetry Emporium and Ladies Outfitter

    • Owner: Worcester Pettigrew (NPC)
    • Seamstress: Miriam Kaufmann


    Kalispell National Bank (located on the north side of town)

    • Manager/Owner: Charles Wentworth, Sr. (NPC)
    • Teller: Luke Johnson (BC)


    Kalispell Methodist Episcopal Church

    • Pastor Gideon Evans (BC) 
    • Father Thomas Reed - associate pastor (Inactive)


    Kalispell Union (newspaper)

    • Editor: Phineas McVay
    • Reporter: Sarah Thornton-Carlton


    Millegan Stage & Transportation

    • Driver: Adelaide Chappel


    Wood & Guyer Mining Co.

    • Owner: Henry "Speed" Guyer
    • Clerk: James Vaughn


    Kalispell Post Office

    • Postmaster: Nolan Ashworth (BC)


    Western Union Office

    • Telegraph Operator: Hector Wigfall
    • Linesman: Jacob Lutz
    • Messenger Boy: J. Raymond Matthews


    Stardust Saloon

    • Owner: Franklin Fortner
    • Bartender: Ralph Flandry
    • Entertainer: Caroline Mudd
    • Cook: Messalina McMahon
    • Kitchenhand: Open


    Lick Skillet Cafe

    • Owner: Emeline Pike
    • Assistant: Clara Lutz


    White Rose Theater

    • Owner: Ben Simons (NPC)


    Kalispell Gunsmith

    • Oskar Werner (Inactive)


    Wigfall Boarding House

    • Owner: Mary Wigfall (BC)


    Kalispell Funeral Parlor

    • Undertaker: Mr. Jolly
    • Assistants: Arabella Mudd and J. Raymond Matthews


    Barber Shop

    • Owner: Abraham Matthews (BC)


    Ranches, Homesteads, Farms, etc.

    Lost Lake Ranch

    • Owner: Shade Thornton
    • Co-Owners: Cody and Nettie Thornton, Quentin Cantrell
    • Housekeeper: Mary Miller (BC)
    • Day Foreman: Mike Wentworth
    • Night Foreman: Sage Miller (BC)
    • Ranch Hands: Sam Wentworth
    • Ranch Hands: Stan Iverson, Marty Smith, Ben Hall, Dan Morgan (BC) - positions available


    Evergreen Ranch

    • Owner: Elias Steelgrave (NPC)


    Rocking P Ranch

    • Owners: Barnabas and Emeline Pike
    • Foreman: Frank Teal


    Redmond Homestead

    • Owner: Aurelian Redmond


    Albrecht Farm

    • Owner: Wilhelm Albrecht (NPC)


    Lutz Farm

    • Owner: Granny Miggins (BC)


    Simkin's Barn (located on the outskirts of Kalispell)

    • Owner: Horace Simkin (BC)
    • Hay and Feed storage during Fall and Winter.
    • Dances and other events during Spring and Summer.


    Fort Somers

    • Commanding Officer: Col. Welllington MacKenzie
    • Captain Benjamin Barlow
    • 2nd Lieutenant: Joseph W. Greene (NPC)
    • Civilian Scout: MacIntosh
    • Indian Scout: Ke-Ni-Tay (NPC)


    St. Francis by the Lake (Abbey and Catholic church)

    • Abbot: Father Sean Riordan (BC)
    • Abbess: Mother Mary Margaret (BC)




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