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  • Wentworth Clan


    The first member of the Wentworth family to move into Kalispell was Matthew, the oldest of five children born to Charles and Rebecca Wentworth.  A few months later his brothers Mike, Sam and Charlie arrived, finding employment at a local ranch.


    Father: Charles Wentworth Sr. initially goes to Kalispell to make amends with his sons after a life-changing experience.  He now owns the Kalispell National Bank.




    Mother: Rebecca Wentworth has recently moved to Kalispell to join her husband.  




    Matt Wentworth: Oldest son of Charles and Rebecca.  Owner of the Belle-St Regis Hotel in Kalispell.  His business activities are a cover for his other job - working for the Secret Service, which none of his family know about.



    Mike Wentworth: Second born son of Charles and Rebecca.  Works as foreman at Lost Lake Ranch.



    Sam Wentworth: Third born son of Charles and Rebecca.  Works as a ranch hand at Lost Lake Ranch.



    Mary Wentworth Barlow: Only daughter of Charles and Rebecca.  She is married to Aaron Barlow and they live in Washington D.C.  She has recently given birth to her first child.



    Charlie Wentworth: Youngest child of Charles and Rebecca.  Recently, dropped out of college and wants to learn how to be a ranch hand.  Has gotten a job as a trainee ranch hand at Lost Lake Ranch



    Ben Simons: Wentworth cousin on Rebecca's side of the family (son of Rebecca's sister).  A  professional gambler staying in Kalispell for the foreseeable future.




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